VICTORIA – Silver Arrow Cars has created its own “global tracking system” in order to find rare vehicles all over the world.

Owner and President Tim Quocksister notes the company boasts a network allowing them to locate highly collectable cars, and high-end luxury and sport vehicles that are seemingly impossible to find. He personally attends auctions and auto events all around the world, hunting for vehicles for clients and the showroom.

“We want to have our own customer base,” says Quocksister. “We are the only dealership in Victoria that inventories Bentleys, Maseratis, and Ferraris. We also sell a lot of collector vehicles that are extremely difficult to find.”

Last month, Silver Arrow sold a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing, valued at just over $2 Million.

They are currently displaying a ‘98 Ferrari 355 Coupe with a 6-speed manual transmission. In 1998, only two per cent of these vehicles were built with manual transmissions, making this particular car very appealing for secondary markets.

Their recent inventory included Bugatti Veyrons and a number of Porsche Carrera GT’s.

They have also had cars from celebrities including Jerry Seinfeld (1989 Porsche Speedster), Chad Kroeger (Boss 429), Simon Cowell (Bugatti Veyron), and Cher (Ferrari).

Attending auctions afar allows Silver Arrow Cars to assemble an inventory of extremely rare vehicles. That has helped the downtown Victoria firm earn an international reputation for shipping vehicles to customers as far away as Dubai in the Middle East. For example, they can fly a car to Europe for $15,000, or ship it in a container for $4,500.

“We have certain auctions that we go to every year,” he says. “In January, we’re in Arizona for an auction week that includes the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction, Gooding & Company, and RM Sotheby’s.

“In March, we go to Amelia Island in Florida,” he adds. “We also go to Pebble Beach every year, which has one of the most premier car shows in the world and holds six auctions all in the same week. It’s like the Super Bowl week of cars.”

Quocksister has been involved in the auto industry since he was a teenager.

“I spent a lot of time at the collector car auctions growing up, and my first job out of high school was with Three Point Motors,” he says, adding that by the time he graduated from high school, he had already bought and sold over 15 vehicles. “I quickly moved from washing and detailing into sales, and have been in the industry ever since.”

Quocksister noticed an emerging trend in the auto industry, that the demand for collector cars and rare, high-end luxury and sports cars was on the rise.

In 2001, he decided to capitalize on his observations and founded Silver Arrow Cars. His extensive knowledge of the industry and strong commitment to his clients ensured immediate success, which has accelerated in recent years.

Silver Arrow Cars has shipped their cars literally all over the globe, using a combination of air and freight transportation to get vehicles to customers.

In addition to finding cars at auctions elsewhere, the Silver Arrow Cars team purchases many vehicles from local sellers.

“We’re always looking for cars,” says Quocksister. “If it’s a collector or modern exotic, we want them to give us a call. We pay for stuff instantly, and we’ll pick it up instantly.”

He is often surprised at what he finds.

“We also have some really unique cars, like a ‘77 Honda Civic with 19,000 original miles on it,” says Quocksister. “That car has great nostalgia appeal for people. I get a lot of people saying ‘I used to drive one of those’.”

Born and raised in Victoria, Quoksister is also a collector himself, which includes a 1971 Ferrari, 1956 Porsche and his father’s old 1954 Cadillac.

When he isn’t travelling or selling, Quocksister sits on the board of directors of Power to Be, a nonprofit organization he supports financially that empowers people living with barriers or disabilities to explore their abilities through adventures rooted in nature.

“We’re always making sure we’re out in the community, giving back where and when we can, and supporting local charities,” he says. “We also make time for kids any time they come in.

“I remember being a kid in the showroom, wanting to see the cars and learn about them,” he notes. “You never know who’s going to be your next customer.”

Silver Arrow Cars is at 565 David Street in Victoria.