VICTORIA – OneTouch House is celebrating two major milestones this year with its 20th anniversary, a newly opened showroom, and a recently launched alarm monitoring division.

Founded in 1999 by owners Martin Engelbrecht and Kevin Lintern, OneTouch House is leading the Greater Victoria Area as a premier smart home technology service provider.

Today, the company provides unique and innovative solutions in home automation, home theatre, smart home technology and business control systems. Recently, they have expanded their services to include an alarm monitoring division.

As OneTouch House was already in the business of providing automatic door locks, smart lighting, and other integrated systems, it was a natural fit for them to move into alarm monitoring, installing cameras and surveillance equipment.

Over the last three years, the company has witnessed a spike of public interest in smart home technology. As a result, they have experienced rapid growth, prompting their need for a larger space.

The new showroom features an enhanced, esthetically pleasing space with key demo areas. Displays will feature cutting-edge home technology, including products for the newly-added alarm monitoring division. The space features an open floor, allowing customers to examine each product close-up and speak with an informed salesperson.

One of the demo areas is a Star Wars themed space theatre that shows off some of OneTouch House’s home theatre offerings.

When the company began in 1999, OneTouch focussed on installing satellite TV systems. As the company has built its reputation, the team has expanded its services to offer a wide variety of high-end technology sales, service, and installation. All of their work is completed in-house, from planning and design, to wiring, to final tutorials.

The new showroom is located at 3360 Tennyson Ave and open for viewing.

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