KELOWNA – Sandler Training Kelowna is pleased to announce that they will be offering a 1-day Organizational Excellence Workshop on November 29th in Kelowna at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center.

This program was designed and based upon bestselling book “The Road to Excellence” by Baltimore, MD based Sandler Training and will be delivered by John Glennon, the Sandler Training licensee for the BC Interior. 

John Glennon

Glennon, a multiple award-winning Sandler Trainer is excited about introducing this program to business owners in the British Columbia Interior. 

“Most leaders are passionate about their business, and if they had better ideas for how to grow their company, they would use them,” said John Glennon. “They really do want to move their company into the top rank … but they have learned first-hand that just wanting that is not enough. They work very, very hard … but after a while, they realize that, no matter how hard they work, something important seems to be missing, and they’re not quite sure what that something is,” continued Glennon. “They’ve fallen prey to the “Blind Spots Syndrome – they don’t know what they don’t know about the obstacles they face.”

“This program is our latest offering and is suited for any Business owner looking to scale up. To go from “At – Risk” or “Average” to “Well Managed and Excellent,” stated Glennon.

In this 1-Day Workshop Glennon will uncover the common “Blind Spots” that can take businesses off track, and provide six powerful leadership strategies, that when followed, make it easier for the Business Owner or CEO to find the answer to what stands between their company and Organizational Excellence.

Details and registration are at

The success of Sandler Training is the result of enabling people to develop the positive attitudes, proven techniques and productive behaviors necessary to reach the highest levels of success.

Sandler Training is an international training organization dedicated to improving sales and management skills. Founded in 1967, it now has over 250 training centers throughout the USA and Canada, and 24 other countries worldwide. It serves businesses of all sizes with short- and long-term programs that offer continuous coaching, counseling and support for sales professionals. This novel philosophy of “reinforcement training” was developed by David Sandler, considered one of the most innovative sales trainers in North America. 

For more information on Sandler Training and its local office, contact John Glennon at 250-765-2047 or visit